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Cytaux; the deadly tick disease for cats


Feline Cytauxzoonosis
The Deadly Tick Disease


This is a blood parasite which is almost always fatal in domestic cats. We find this disease occuring mostly in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. This parasite is carried by bobcats and t...he Florida Panther, and neither show any clinical disease or signs of illness. It is then transferred to the domestic cats through the saliva of an infected tick. This organism causes destruction of the red blood cells, which causes anemia. You may see signs in your cat like a fever, not eating, difficult breathing, dehydration, a yellow color to their skin, and lethargy. Death almost always occurs about 5 days after signs appear, when no treatment is given. There is no guarantee that treatment will be successful in saving your cat, and no vaccination to prevent this fatal parasitic disease. The best thing to do for your cat is to apply a topical tick prevention, like Frontline, every 3 weeks during tick season.

*This is an off label use for Frontline